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L & M Copper Recycling Prices
Due to market volatility, prices do change daily
** For customers over 1000 lbs of copper please call for additional pricing. 

Prices for week of 8/26/13


#1 Copper$3.00
(Clean Bare Bright wire)

#2 Copper$2.85
(Dirty or tarnished)

Romex Insulated$1.40
(residential house wire)

(#16 awg - #4 awg)

Med THHN$1.80
(#2 awg - 2/0)

Large THHN$2.00
(3/0 ang larger)

Tin Coated Wire$1.55
(Usually older cloth wire that has an 
outside coating of tin)

Low Grade wire$0.60
(TV wire, phone wire, low voltage
wire, extension cords)

Insulated Aluminum Wire        $0.25

Bare Aluminum Wire         $0.50

Copper Sheet$2.50

Florescent Ballasts  $..19


#1 Copper Pipe                        $2.85

#2 Copper Pipe                        $2.75

Aluminum Cans$.55

All other Aluminum$.52

Lead Wheel Weights ​$.28​


Steel shred$.11

Stainless Steel$.40